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Bull Front End Loader - Features
»   Low cost
»   Suitable for Heavy duty applications.
»   Mounted at customer's site.
»   Tipper lorry loading within five minutes.
»   39 types of optional application specific interchangeable buckets are
     easily detachable even without using spanner.

»   Bucket is easily detachable even without using spanner.
»   Number of other implements like Forklift, Grabbing fork, Bale
     grabber, Log fork and Stone bucket can also be mounted instead of
     standard bucket
»   User friendly Single Lever Joy Stick Operation.
»   Parallel linkage as standard for better control.
»   Bucket level indicator provided for easy operation.
»   Loader detachable from Tractor within five minutes without using
»   BULL LOADER can also be fitted even on old tractors, engine
     condition not important.
»   Wear bushes and pins provided in all joints.
»   Excellent Bucket angle 45 degree and 90 degree

»   Bucket size changing from 0.5 to 1.5 cu.m available as per industrial      specific applications with maximum loading capacity of 1.3 tons           depending upon the tractor model”.

  Suitable Tractor Models:
Suitable for 84 models for various brands of tractors, 202 product combinations with additional 40 type of bucket options - Contact for appropriate model selection.
  All the tractors brands, logos and models of tractor are trade mark properties of respective tractors companies  
Bucket detachable
Loader easily detachable

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----------- All the tractors brands, logos and models of trade mark properties of respective tractor companies -----------